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Our Assistive product portfolio consists of five core areas which address specific user requirements and carry the product groups that help aid computer use effectively and productively:

  •   Ergonomics
  •   Dyslexia
  •   Hearing Impairment
  •   Visual Impairment
  •   Speech & Language Support

Hypertec as a Memory manufacturer understand the requirements of system performance and enhancement, we have worked hard to ensure our product portfolio offers our customers all they need to keep their systems and mobile devices working at maximum performance and work forces operating productively.  With Keytools as our Ergonomic and Assistive Technology arm we now also understand Inclusion and how to guide and nurture the best fit products and solutions for all PC users, addressing Assistive Technology and Ergonomic Working.

In addition to that our Accessory, Assistive Technology, Storage and Networking categories offer our channel all they need to service customer demands around security, BYOD, mobile working, cost efficiency, ergonomics, storage expansion, virtualisation, networking and inclusive PC use.

With over 20,000 product lines we cater for all requirements from Specialist Keyboards and Mice, Anti-Glare Filters, Screen Magnification and Dyslexia Software to Back Support Products, Communication Aids, Document Holders, Education Aids, Footrests and Desk Risers, Ergonomic Furniture, Physical, Hearing and Visual Impairment Products, Speech / Language Support and Training.

Visit our product catalogue to view all our products or contact us today if you would like to become a Reseller and if you are a End User wanting to know more about our products.

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Assistive Resources

Easy Access to resource information covering:

  •   Assistive Technology
  •   The Equality Act 2010
  •   Visual Impairment
  •   Speech & Language Support
  • and much more...